Day 14 Say! Gay!!

Hey, my beautiful people.
How’s it going? Did you watch any performers at Coachella 2022?
They are all amazing but as Japanese,
I felt so proud of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu,
Hikaru Utada, and Rina Sawayama!
(I know there are more Japanese artists in the event,
sorry for not mentioning their names, I should look for them more.)

Especially the lyrics of Rina
really touches my heart all the time.
Her songs will get you to be aware of
problems that anyone can have such as
depression, microaggressions, coming out,
friendship, and more.

If you have never listened to her songs,
do it right now!
Let me know which song you like the most.
Well, it is actually so hard to decide
because they are all masterpieces🤔
She is the queen🥺💖

See you in the next chapter!!

Chosen Family is such a heart-warming song.
I think, especially, for those who were not blessed with their original family,
and for LGBTQA+ people who had a hard time
getting their families to understand their sexualities.