Ed and Me

Day 19 Don’t think, feel!

Have you ever tried electric toothbrushes!? How did you feel when you used it for the first time?
Ed and Me

Day 17 Inside Out 2

Continued from last chapter. Have you ever had a lot of your own voice fighting in your head? What is the strongest personality of you?
Ed and Me

Day 16 Inside Out

Do you have any bad habits? My BF always points out one of mine...

Day 12 The New Girl In Town

Hi, sweetie!Whenever I meet someone new, there are alwaysmixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and anticipation.And ...
Ed and Me

Day 11 Perfect

Hi, my sweeties!Do you want to keep the peace with your loved ones by being patient? Or do you choose to be honest with ...
Ed and Me

Day 9 Hey, Siri!

Hi, Sweeties!Even if you fight a lot with your loved ones, often it is better than being alone, don't you think?
Ed and Me

Day 8 Sleeping Beauty

Hi, sweeties!Whenever I am awake, I always fight with Ed. Sometimes we almost kill each other😂And I wonder if I am losin...
Ed and Me

Day 6 Eyes tell all.

Hi, sweeties!How’s your new year going?When you just started dating someone,you want to try being perfect to them.But as...
Ed and Me

Day5 Couple goals

Happy new year everyone!It's been over 5 years since I started dating Ed.I believe we all have unique ways to communicat...
Ed and Me

Day 2 Ed and me

Hi there! How often do you guys fight with your special persons?Us? We do every day😇Yes, some people say that sounds ins...
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