Day 2 Ed and me

Hi there! How often do you guys fight with your special persons?
Us? We do every day😇
Yes, some people say that sounds insane. But actually, it works well.
You shouldn’t go to bed mad at them.
This is the best tip from us as a couple being together over 5 years.
So if they do something that bother you, you should tell them directly and work it out 😘
See you at the next chapter, cheers!


  1. Ed will suddenly becoming a vampire is the scariest twist

    I’m honestly very messy myself so I totally get it!!

    • Hi Dan! Thank you very much for your comment. I can be messy too when I am too busy. And I know people have different level of tidiness.
      But somehow people or at least I can be so strict to my boyfrined about this. haha