Day 15 Extended Family

When you are in a relationship,
your life is completely different from
when you are single.
You will have extended
family and friends
through your loved ones.
I want to thank all the people
who Ed introduced to me.
They are all kind, fun and sweet.
Especially, Ed’s parents kindly
treated me as family and I feel
that they are filling the missing part
in my heart. Through them, I deeply
understand that having parental figure
in you is really important even when
you are an adult.
Thank you so much,
Papardo and Mamardo,
for being there for Ed and me.

Thank you everyone for reading this chapter.
Please be aware that you are also one of
the people that I thank
from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for supporting and loving
my blog. You are awesome!
See you at the next chapter!