Day-20 I know who you are!! Part 1

Sage and Ai are talking about another coworker.

Ai wanna show Sage someone.
Ai and Sage are watching Matt while hiding.

Matt's curly hair
Matt's upper body
Matt's lower body.
Matt is chatting with his co-workers.
Sage told Ai that Matt is obs gay.
Sage wanna talk to him but doesn't know what to say.
Ai will set up a lunch meet-up.

Hey guys! Long time no see.
How are you doing? Sorry for the late update.

I’ve been looking for a new job lately,
so I haven’t been able to make much time for Sage’s Page.
My co-workers are really nice,
and I love them all.
But the job that I’m doing now is not
what I want to do.

Becouse of COVID-19, I had to change
my old job in tourism.
So I wasn’t sure how long
I was going to work here.
But it was a comfortable place because
I made so many good friends.
So I got spoiled and stayed quite long.

But, like this blog, I think
it’s better to do what I want to do.
That will make both the company
and myself happier.

How do you feel about your job?
I know often it’s tough,
but if you are satisfied with it
or think you love it,
well, I think it’s good enough.

I don’t want to forget
the people here whom I loved.
So I’m going to draw them
even after leaving here.

This time, I’d like to write about Matt.
Is he really who
Sage was looking for ?
See you at the next chapter 🙂

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